The Cat & the Custard Cup

Restaurant & Pub

Established March 6th 1979

Closed its Doors March 15th 2020

how do you say goodbye?

How do you say goodbye to a lifetime of memories, people, relationships, engagements, birthdays, marriages, life celebrations, good friends and good food?


After 41 years our beloved Cat and Custard Cup Restaurant is finally closing its doors.


Who knew on March 6th, 1979, my parents would establish a fine dining restaurant that would see an astonishing 41 year span? A restaurant I was raised in, where my children were raised, where my wife and I worked side by side and where my son would go on to be chef. A place where employees became family and patrons would fly in from another state just to celebrate their special occasion. It was a restaurant I wanted to dine in.


To say I am proud of what we have accomplished here at “The Cat” would be a huge understatement. The love that grew for this place over the years exceeded my wildest expectations, allowing us to remain successful and committed to our guests and to our community.


A heavy heart does not express my sadness in writing this letter. No words describe the loss my family and I feel, but I know many of you share this goodbye with us.


For every relationship built within these walls, every person who walked through our doors, we thank you. The stories here are grand and  far too many to tell. I’ve got mine and they’ll go with me. I’ve counted my blessings and will be forever grateful.


So, how do you say goodbye to a lifetime of memories? You don’t, you take them with and hold onto them forever.



Creed Salisbury & Family



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